A culinary conversation series on transcultural identity

»Numaru« deeply explores the individual and diverse aspects of transcultural identity formation
through personal storytelling and cultural exchange—fostering awareness and a more nuanced understanding.
It offers an intimate space to reflect on our personal development in today’s context of multiculturalism, urban society, and global influences.


Episode 02 — Belonging  

April 27 2019
Where and how do you feel a sense of belonging? Is it a physical or an emotional space? Have you found an answer, or what keeps you looking? Join an intimate gathering to explore these questions in the context of transcultural identity formation. We will engage in personal storytelling and a collective conversation — paired with a delicious, home-cooked chinese-inspired meal.

F o o d
Numaru is thrilled to collaborate with Chef Ethel Hoon. Born Singaporian, Ethel has been trained and worked as a chef in Singapore and France, before she headed off grid to work with the artisan knowledge of the hyperseasonal, and innovative cuisine of two Michelin-starred Restaurant Fäviken Magasinet in Sweden. Her Hoon's Pop Up Dinners explore the culinary as well as emotional connection to her Chinese/Singaporian roots, and will also inspire the communal dining table at Numuru with the topic of Belonging.

V e n u e
LOK6 is a special, intimate and warm teracotta enlighted venue gem. Founder Julia Heifer hosts weekend brunches and opens her doors for selected pop up events.

A b o u t
Numaru is a platform for collaborative storytelling founded and created by Sun Mee Martin with the purpose to foster more understanding and empathy amongst cross-cultural human connections. 

A series of culinary gatherings nurture meaningful conversations on transcultural identity formation, and offer an intimate space to reflect and exchange on our personal development in today’s context of multiculturalism, urban society, and global influences.

In Collaboration with

Chef Ethel Hoon & Jakob Zeller
Speaker Hilda Hoy
Facilitator/Host Sun Mee Martin
Space LOK6
Production Assistant Kevin Klein
Food Terra & local farmers markets
Photographer Ana Torres
Wine 8greenbottles
Pine digestife Avantgarden 

M E N U 


Welcome to numaru
Apéritive and appetiser

kueh pie tee . kohlrabi & carrots

A sparking moment

asparagus dumplings . rhubarb black vinegar

Exploring connections
Reading Hilda Hoy & Conversation


jasmine & camargue rice & adzuki beans
assam pedas . spring vegetables
achar salad . cucumbers . tokyo turnips . carrots . radishes . pineapples . spitzkohl . portulak . peanuts . sesame seeds.
typhoon shelter . egg. soy . chillies

Wandering self
Reflections & Closing

Desert & digestive

Sweet corn . peanut crumble .


Zweigelt Kieselstein  

2 Naturkinder
Silvaner PET-NAT  

Vater & Sohn Müller-Thurgau


             Nisime 2018