Food Workshops

2 0 1 3—2 0 1 7  Inhouse Production at Agora Collective
Communications · Coordination · Production · Marketing

Urban Permaculture Series
with Facilitator Leonie / Cityplot

Permaculture is a sustainable and holistic integrated design system which seeks to develop a harmonious interrelationship between humans, plants, animals and the earth. It’s underlying ethos is: people care, earth care, fair share. Participants took an intensive year long course, as well as single hands on and theory classes.
(Seedlings / Beekeeping in the city / Companion Planting / Mischkulturen / Urban Alchemy / Wormshop / City Chicken / Growing edibles in the shade / Introduction to Phenology, .. )

Probiotic Food Fermentation Series with facilitator Alexis / Edible Alchemy 
Learning about bubbles and fizz, the beauty and health benefits of Fermentation.
(Probiotic Drinks: Kombucha, Kefir & Co / Kimchi & Krauts / Vegan Cheezes and Dips)

Miso Workshop & Tasting with Instructors Akiko Takahashi & Christian Atz
Particiants explored the joy of making Miso,  its taste, and use beyond Miso soup. Miso is a Japanese fermented condiment made from soybeans, malted rice and salt. A tradition that originates back to ~550.

Ayurveda is an alternative and holistic therapeutic ancient science which finds its magnitude with providing an individual absolute oneness with nature. Food is anything that sustains life, adn used as a preventive to disease and as an essential part of medicine for over 4000 years.

Participants explored the philosophy of Ayurveda through collaborative learning, cooking and dining.

Prakriti (body – type) analysis
 • Concept of Agni (digestive fire) & Ama (biological toxins) 
• Basic principles of Ayurvedic dietetics 
•  Herbs & spice use in Ayurveda cooking • Home remedies with Ayurveda herbs & spices.
• Ayurveda nutrition & diet management for different disease.
• Diet & nutrition according to your body constitution & dosha imbalance.
• Conscious eating principle – How to eat 
• Diet & food according to six healing taste
 • Chakra and food