Sun Mee seeks to engage in transdiciplinary projects with content-rich narratives that connect and engage diverse audiences through transformative experiences.

With over 12 years of extensive international work experience in the innovation, creative, food and event industry, Sun Mee has developed and managed cross-cultural projects at the intersection of brand communication, organizational culture, and strategic consulting.

An analytical mindset paired with an empathic approach are key to her creative process—tackling complex challenges and enabling authentic storytelling in the fields of food, environment, and the humanities

With deep curiosity and compassion at the core of her engagements she is dedicated to research what connects humans at a deeper level and how we can improve our social and environmental wellbeing.

Berlin based, Sun Mee travels for international collaborations

Sun Mee is the founder of NUMARU, and is currently developing a virtual platform, community, and holistic coaching program for transracial Adoptees.

Previous projects

Consultant & Facilitator @Norn
—Social and educational global platform for thoughtful conversations that explore How to live an examined life.

Project Manager & Creative Consultant @Wild and Root Agency for food education and culinary experiences.

Consultant  @RSVP Pop-Up—an international platform for unique gastronomic experiences.

Curator & Event Manager @AGORA—Center for collaborative practices at the intersection of New Work, Circularity, Art, Innovation

FOOD ASSEMBLY—Direct trade and fair food platform 

Speaker Engagement

Where are you from?
26th November 2018 @St. Oberholz

Food & Identity

1st April 2019 @Herrmann’s


Creative and Concept
Ideation, Content, Curation, Programm Design, Storytelling

Community Engagement, Partnership and Brand Relations, Strategic Outreach,  On/Offline Marketing, Press Relations

Strategic Consulting
Concept Development, Branding, Innovation Strategy

Project Management
Analysing, overseeing and leading team and project, iterating  concepts, implementing and coordinating processes

Community Management
Programming, Faciliation, Hosting,
Communications, Member Care

Culinary Experience Design

Curation, Content, Storytelling,
Operations, Experience Design