With her korean roots, german education, and global inspiration, Sun Mee seeks to engage in interdisciplinary projects with content-rich narratives that appeal to and engage diverse audiences in more meaningful ways.

Trained in Communications and Design, Sun Mee has worked internationally as a freelance communications and brand consultant in the creative industry for NGOs, start ups, and corporations. She is currently based in Berlin, where her passion for food culture and intuition for people have initated a new role as project manager and event curator for numerous collaborative projects.

A mindful and empathic approach is key to Sun Mee’s creative process—with a passion to curate meaningul content and foster genuine human connections and authentic storytelling.

Recent projects include Agora — an innovation hub for contemporary practices, Food Assembly — a market for local produce and conscious food production, and Coco Yoko & Bell — an experiential dinner salon, highlighting female talent.

Current projects include

Founder, producer and facilitator ︎ Numaru—a culinary conversation series on Transcultural Identity Formation.

Communications, Creative Consultancy 
@RSVP Pop-Up—A platform for unique gastronomic experiences.

Consultant and Partner Events Coordinator  @Norn Norn is a social platform  and a new way to challenge your perspective in a series of one hour conversations—in real life. 


Creative Consulting
Concept, Strategy, Branding

Culinary Event Production
Curation, Concept Development,
Content, Storytelling,
Project Management, Operations,
Design, Marketing


Where are you from
26th November 2018 at St. Oberholz

Food & Identity

1st April 2019 at Herrmann’s


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