House of Beautiful Business Festival 2019

Homecoming— An intimate dining experience
exploring the quest for belonging 


What does it mean to feel truly at home? How do we cultivate a sense of emotional belonging in a world of constant flux?

A intimate dining experience, curated for the dinner festival program at the House of Beautiful Business  2019,  exploring our personal stories and what it means to belong in an age of uncertainty with 13 house residents.

A b o u t
The House of Beautiful Business 

was  Founded by the Business Romantic Society and brings together 600 participants from business, public sector, science, technology, the humanities, and the arts to envision and experience new models for the future of our economies and societies at human scale. This year’s topic:
—The Battle for Beautiful Business is on.  Fixing capitalism. Creating elegant operating systems for our companies that allow them to be effective, not just efficient. Celebrating humans as anti-machines in an age of machines. Enjoying moments of connection, beauty, and wonder that make “our shared humanity” not just a cliché but something so real that we can touch it.

F o o d
Tolga von Klein is a culinary artist and cooking teacher who is deeply influenced by his mediterranean roots, as well as the diverse cultures and places he has lived in and called home. Inspired by his culinary education in Macrobiotic and Ayurvedic foods, Tolga combines the principles of traditional, seasonal, regional, and plant-focused foods with his intuitive and experimental method—which will also be reflected in the menu of our HoBB dinner.

V e n u e
A SOCIEDADE, a creative gastronomic studio in the heart of Lisbon, whose mission is to promote creative and inspiring people in the world of food to foster conversations, learning and sharing fo knowledge. 

Commissioned Experience for The House of Beautiful Business
Curator/Event Producer/Facilitator: Sun Mee Martin

In Collaboration with

Chef: Tolga von Klein
Space: A Sociedade
Production Assistant: Kevin Klein
Food: Local farmers & Miosotis
Photographer: Maria Marselino/A Sociedade

M E N U 


Welcome to numaru
Apéritive and appetiser

alentejo bread. chickpea . onions . bacalhau . olive oil . garlic . portuguese sauerkraut

A warm embrace

maroni . apple . sage . corn

Exploring connections


bibimbap à la TSM . brown rice . radish . beans . cabbage . red algae . clams . massa pimentão

Comforting Reflections

acorn . quints. cinnamon . walnut . requeijao