»Numaru« deeply explores the individual and diverse aspects of transcultural identity formation through personal storytelling and cultural exchange—fostering awareness and a more nuanced understanding. It offers an intimate space to reflect on our personal development in today’s context of multiculturalism, urban society, and global influences.

The world is in a flux—we move, travel, love, live, expand; we find new social and cultural landscapes—by force or by choice. How does this affect us in our being, and our understanding for each other?

As a Korean adoptee in Germany, I have reflected on my origin, ethnic roots and cultural upbringing in many ways and have enriched my beliefs through other people’s experiences. I believe that deeply listening to other people, sharing thoughts and changing perspectives fosters a more nuanced understanding of the individual and complex aspects of transcultural identity formation.

With the intimate event series “Numaru” I welcome everyone to join a safe space of cultural exchange and personal storytelling. Together, we dive into a faciliated collective conversation, inspire our senses and thoughts, eat and drink with delight, celebrate silence, remember to laugh, and allow the unexpected.

Get in touch if you want to collaborate on a future gathering and have a story to share—as a chef, artist, musician, or cross-cultural researcher —or if you just want to have a chat with me—I look forward to hearing from you! ︎contact@nisime.com

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What is your origin? Is it important for you to know your own or that of others? What part of your identity is shaped by your family DNA, ethnic roots, or cultural upbringing and education? 16 guests joined an intimate gathering to explore these questions at the first evening of a culinary conversation series, reflecting on transcultural identity formation. Together, we explored a cultural journey of personal storytelling, and engage our curious senses — paired with a delicious, home-cooked korean inspired meal, and a selection of speciality drinks.

Food concept in collaboration with Yurim Bjorn from Seoul/Southkorea, who has lived seven years in Japan, and explored Europe before she decided for a new place of belonging. She finally settled in Berlin, where she created her own special taste of home.

Many thanks for the generous support, soulful spirits and energies of

Kevin Klein / Photography and Production
Andrea Bayer / Production
Alex de Brabant / Space Offer
Yurim Bjorn / Food Designer  
Vanessa / Edit 
Anette K. Hansen/ Decor Consultation
Perelic / Blankets, Carpet
Molly Morgan / Glasware
Jeonga Choi / Pottery

E X P E R I E N C E   I N    I V   A C T S


U n k n o w n   l a n d 
Opening & Welcoming

secco. ginger. jujube kombucha. honey.

carrot kimchi.
radish rolls. sellerie. cucumber. postelein.
sweet sour sauce.

A   w a r m   e m b r a c e 

Transition into another space.

{ soup } kombu. onion. roasted garlic.

B e y o n d   b e l o n g i n g
Storytelling & Conversation

감자전  —  버섯볶음
potato pancakes.
3 x mushrooms {shiitake, seitling, röhrling}. chestnuts. spitzcabbage.
pickled onions. butternut quash.
miso celeriac sauce.
soy roasted sesame sauce.
wild and basmati rice.

F i n d i n g s   w i t h i n
Reflection & Closing.

{ desert }
azkuki beans. milk. quint. caramelised pumpkin seeds.


Katharina Wechsler
secco. scheurebe. 

riesling. rot cuvee


Ingredients sourced locally and mainly of original sorts to enhance the theme of the night.